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World's First Lab Grown Bone in Tirat Carmel, Israel

Tirat Carmel, Israel. 7th February, 2018. Prof. NIMROD ROZEN, Head of Orthopedics at Haemek Hospital, explains the technology behind lab grown human bones. Israel based biotechnology Bonus Biogroup Ltd. goes public with its worldly unique breaking technology allowing growth of live and active human tissue outside of the body. The process includes liposuction harvesting of a patient's fat cells, two week regeneration of bone tissue in the lab and finally injecting live bone graft by syringe or surgery for total healing of bone loss due to trauma, aging or tumors. Establishes in 2008, now in Phase II of clinical study with 6 clusters of pending patents, the Bonus Biogroup process has been used to treat some 30 human patients with unprecedented results.

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